Latest Horse Racing News

It is vital to find all the latest news when it comes to horse racing. There is a lot that can happen in a single day, especially when it comes to the most important time of the year, Spring Racing Carnival. From late changes to a Group 1 field, to jockey suspensions and everything in between, there is so much that can change.

While you may not necessarily want to read every story, you just want to know how this will impact the horse racing tips, that is fine, we will do all the hard work, like checking and reporting on all the latest news. We then take all this latest horse racing news and apply the facts to update our tips to reflect what has happened.

If you are just looking for horse racing tips, then you don’t have to worry, as we will still cover all the news, and how any particular pieces of horse racing news will impact the tips for the races you care about the most.

The Type of News Covered at The Shark

If it’s important then it is going to be covered at The Shark. As we have said before, our priority certainly lies with our horse racing tips, but our tips are going to be influenced by any news that breaks overs the days leading up to a race. We can’t exactly tip a horse that has been scratched from the race due to injury, can we?!

The horse racing industry is very big, and there are lots of sub components that are news worthy, but we will just focus on the news that will impact the horse racing tips we provide. By only focusing on this specific area of horse racing news, we can cover the story in more detail and provide more information on how this will impact our expert horse racing tips moving forward.

You don’t want to miss out on the type of news we report on, so make sure you visit The Shark on a regular basis to see what you have missed. It is especially important you visit our news section before you place your bets, to ensure that the horse racing tip you have found is still the best.

Why It's Important To Stay Up To Date

Things move fast in the horse racing industry, so it is important you keep up to date with everything that is going on, missing one key piece of news could mean you back the wrong horse and miss a potential pay day, and no one wants that!

At The Shark, we will cover all the important horse racing news that will impact horse racing tips, so if something changes, you will be the first to know and our horse racing tips may change depending on how big the news is. We report on the kind of news that is the most influential, like if a key horse is injured and out of a major race, or if a jockey has been suspended and cannot ride on an important race.

The Shark will help you stay as up to date as possible with the most important information. There is no waffle on our site, we stick to the facts and get them out as quickly as we can, we don’t want you to miss out on anything important that could influence our horse racing tips.

Your Trusted Source of Horse Racing News

We have a dedicated team of horse racing lovers. Our team live and breathe horse racing and take pride in the work they provide on The Shark, may it be a breaking news story or their horse racing tips for a major Group 1 race. You can trust us to report on the information that is essential for your tips.

It is our aim to keep you as up to date as possible with everything important happening in the horse racing industry. We focus on the areas that really matter, and this gives us a better opportunity to dig deeper into the issues and provide more details for you in our articles.

When our horse racing news is written, if things change, we will update our horse racing tips to reflect the updates. This means that you get the most accurate details and information for your tips, and this will hopefully translate into you backing a winner!