Dabble Review & Bonus Bets 2022

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Reasons To Choose Dabble

  • Unique bookie - combine social media with betting
  • Follow top punters and copy their bets
  • Follow ex-jockeys, other stars & more to see what they are betting on
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For full T&C’s visit: https://support.dabble.com.au/hc/en-au/articles/360003052675-Dabble-Rules-Overview

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Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons

  • Unique bookie – combine social media with betting
  • Australian owned
  • One of the coolest bookie apps available
  • Connect with friends & others on the punt
  • Highly attentive customer service
  • Competitive odds on horse races
  • No betting available through the website
  • No live streaming


  • Not many promotions or bonuses available yet
  • With current legislation there are no Dabble sign up bonuses


  • Follow top punters and copy their bets
  • Start convos with friends and others
  • Follow ex-jockeys, other stars & more
App Betting

App Betting

  • Available on iOS & just released on Android
  • Easy to use and get bets on quickly
  • Unlike other bookie apps, it incorporates social media with betting
  • Graphics & layout are well thought out

Overview of Dabble Betting

Updated January 4, 2022

sportsbook overview

The new kid on the block, Dabble is making a splash in the Australian bookmakers market. Whether it is getting tips from The Shark, Heath Shaw or other famous punters, Dabble allows you to see a tip or bet and copy it across to your own bet slip. 

Dabble is the most unique mobile betting app on the market, creating a community of punters, where you can share your wins, losses and more with other punters and your friends, in the app. 

Home-grown in Melbourne, Dabble knows what Aussie punters want and brings a mixture of great odds, unique features and up-to-date technology to give you the best chance of winning.

Dabble Bonus Bets

sportsbook bonus codes

Unfortunately at this stage, there is no such thing as a Dabble bonus bet or Dabble free bet. However, that isn’t to say that isn’t coming some time in the future. While Dabble doesn’t offer bonus bets at this stage, they are still dominating the market with their up-to-date technology and features, allowing punters to join the Dabble community when they bet. 

Find out more about these promotions and features below.

Dabble Promotions

sportsbook bet types

Given it is extremely new in the market, and only just out of beta testing mode, Dabble is yet to fully unveil all of their promotions to the market. Dabble has a few good promotions, but unfortunately you need to be signed in – or sign up – to Dabble to know exactly what they are.

The Dabble promotions that are on offer are unlike anything else currently on the market, so it is really worth looking into a little bit more and trying out.

If you are board of the same old stuff you see with all the other bookies, and you want something different and exciting, then Dabble is certainly the bookie to try. It is a great bookie that takes things to the next level, so you can have a punt and be further entertained at the same time.

Dabble Features

Dabble has listened to what punters want and come up with new, exciting ways for you to punt, and then share your experience with other punters. 

Copy Bet

Dabble has incorporated some big name punters, including The Shark, Heath Shaw and HawkEyeTips, to provide tips to the Dabble community. You can then look at their bets for the day and if you see one you like you can ‘copy’ it. This adds their bet straight into your bet slip for you, saving you the time of having to search up each horse from the multi. 

Bet Description

Another great Dabble feature is that you can post your bet slips to your feed and provide a description for your followers to see. This gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge, provide your followers with some more confidence in following your tips and show off when you back some winners. 


This Dabble feature allows you to chat with all of the other Dabblers in the app, talking about upcoming races, sharing tips and getting involved in general betting banter. If you like to get opinions on horses, share the love when betting and have a general discussion about punting, the Dabble ‘Banter’ feature allows you to talk to other punters 24/7. 

Dabble Betting

sportsbook betting

While you can simply find your horse, add it to your bet slip, add your stake and confirm your bet, Dabble takes betting to the next level. If you want to join a betting community, full of keen punters just like yourself, Dabble is the place to bet. Whether it be copying bets from the experts, sharing your own bets to show off your knowledge or having general betting banter, Dabble has it all. 

The Dabble creators have listened to punters and come up with a new, innovative way for you to punt and share your experience with others, while providing you with the best odds. This means that you have every chance to win and can have fun whilst doing it. 

Steps To Placing a Bet With Dabble

There are a couple of different ways to place a bet with Dabble. The conventional way is going to the ‘betting’ screen, where you can see the next races about to jump, or select the ‘today’ option which shows the meetings in their typical order. You can then select your track and race that you would like to bet on before finding your horse and selecting the odds.

Once you have selected the odds icon for your bet, it will open up a quick bet slip mode where you can add your stake and bet straight away, or you can hit the back arrow and look for more bets to add to a multi. 

The other, more exciting way to bet with Dabble, which is exclusive to the app, is by copying a bet from some accounts you follow or the main Dabble punters, like The Shark, Heath Shaw and DishLickerDave. All you need to do once you have found a bet you want to copy, is press ‘copy bet’ and it adds it to your bet slip for you. 

Dabble Deposit Options

Dabble keeps it pretty straightforward with their deposit options. At the moment, the only way to deposit money into your Dabble account is via card;

  • VISA
  • MasterCard

This allows you to deposit money into your Dabble account directly from your card, with instant access to your money after this stage. The added bonus is that depositing with your card is the quickest and safest way to deposit money into a betting account. 

Dabble Withdrawal Options

Once your account has been verified, which you do straight after opening your account, you can easily withdraw funds whenever you want, straight to your bank account. 

Like all other mobile betting apps, you can add in your bank details, withdraw your funds to the account and then the money comes into your account after being security checked, which typically happens within 24 hours. 

Dabble Sign Up Process

sportsbook sign up

Once opening up the Dabble app, you can sign up by pressing the ‘join’ button in the top right corner. You then enter your email address and personal details, along with making a password for the account. This then takes you to a stage where you enter your phone number, where the team at Dabble will send you a text to verify this!

You then have to pick a username and create your profile, which will be used throughout the app when you share your bets and communicate with other Dabble users, and this is certainly one of the biggest aspects of the app. 

After this, you have access to your account and can get stuck into your punting, as well as checking out the feed to see what others have done.

Dabble App Review

sportsbook mobile app

While Dabble is one of the newest betting apps on the market, it is definitely one of the most fun and innovative ones as well. By creating a betting community, through posting your bet slips to the feed and the ‘banter’ chat service, which connects you to every Dabbler 24/7, Dabble has found a way to bring punters in and make them never want to leave. 

Whether you are copying bets from some of their big name punters, sharing your own knowledge and bet slips for everyone else to see or going on just to chat horses and betting, Dabble has you covered. 

They are still building up their network and app technology, and there is so much more to come! Each and every update brings in some amazing new features and they are growing at a fairly rapid pace. It won’t be long until they are fighting with the big boys in the market! The Dabble team are always thinking of the punters first, bringing fresh and original ideas to the table. 

Dabble Review FAQs

sportsbook faqs

Still got some questions in relation to Dabble? Well have a read on below, hopefully we have answered them for you!

How to bet on Dabble?

Betting on Dabble is pretty straightforward. Simply find the race you want to bet on, search for your horse you think will win and then click on the odds provided. You can either add an amount to wager or click add to bet slip if placing a multi or wanting to compare odds.

Your bet slip can be found in the bottom right corner of the app and once there you can add your stake and click ‘Place Bet’ at the bottom of the screen. 

How to win on Dabble?

This is the fun part. Putting in the time and effort, or simply clicking something on a whim, hoping that your bet wins and you can collect some winnings. In order to win, you need to place a bet that ends up being successful, whether it be a horse to win or an eight-leg multi with your top selections!

What does void mean in Dabble?

A void bet means that your bet has been removed from the market and can no longer be bet on – typically occurring when a horse is scratched from a race. When this happens, you will get your stake refunded in cash, or if that void bet is part of a multi, those odds are removed from the bet and the remainder of your multi is still alive. 

How long does Dabble take to withdraw?

The Dabble support team states that withdrawals can take between 1-2 days, depending on your financial institution. Withdrawals are processed at 3pm every weekday, meaning that if you withdraw your funds over the weekend or on a public holiday, it will be processed the next business day and you will likely have your funds by the end of the next day. 

How to verify your Dabble account?

Once creating your account, your details automatically get verified by a third party verification system. This is typically more than enough, however if this fails you may have to provide further identification such as a:

  • Australian Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • Medicare Card

How to do a quaddie on Dabble?

At the moment, you can’t currently place quaddies on Dabble, however they are adding this feature shortly. 

How to do a multi on Dabble?

Doing a multi on Dabble is very similar to placing a singles bet, however, instead of entering a stake and clicking ‘place bet’, you click the back arrow in the top left corner and go look for more legs to add. 

Once you have added all of the legs you want, click on the bet slip icon in the top right corner and then the multi will be at the top of your screen. You then enter your stake, click ‘place bet’ and you are good to go.

How to place a quinella bet on Dabble?

Much like Quaddies, you are unable to place quinella bets on Dabble at this time, or any other type of exotic bet. They are working hard on this and you’ll be able to do this shortly. 

Can you cancel a bet on Dabble?

As a general rule in betting, once a bet has been made it cannot be cancelled. Dabble has added a number of confirmation steps on the bet slip before a bet is accepted. This gives account holders enough time to confirm their selections and the stake before committing to the bet.

Can you cash out on Dabble?

At this stage, you are unable to cash out bets on Dabble.

How to bet live on Dabble?

At this stage, you are unable to bet live on Dabble.

How to bet trifecta Dabble?

Much like other exotics, you are unable to place trifecta bets on Dabble at this time, or any other type of exotic bet. They are working hard on this and you’ll be able to do this shortly.

How to watch races on Dabble?

At this stage, you are unable to watch races on Dabble.

Final Thoughts on Dabble

This app definitely has a long way to go to match it with some of Australia’s better known and longer lasting betting apps, but it is doing everything right through the early stages. Once you join the Dabble community, through their bet feed, copying bets and banter chat section, you don’t want to leave and it makes you feel a part of the action. There are thousands of Dabblers out there and you can interact with all of them – sharing your bet slips, seeing their bet slips and copying their bets if you think they have a winner!

It is all about being part of the Dabble community and while Dabble may only be in its infant stages right now, it is one worth jumping on to early and then seeing the app blow up in the years to come. Dabble gets our tick of approval.

*Terms & Conditions apply to all racing bonus offers. Please visit the operator's website for details.

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For full T&C’s visit: https://support.dabble.com.au/hc/en-au/articles/360003052675-Dabble-Rules-Overview

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For full T&C’s visit: https://support.dabble.com.au/hc/en-au/articles/360003052675-Dabble-Rules-Overview

Terms & Conditions Apply

Reasons To Choose Dabble

  • Unique bookie - combine social media with betting
  • Follow top punters and copy their bets
  • Follow ex-jockeys, other stars & more to see what they are betting on

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Terms & Conditions Apply

For full T&C’s visit: https://support.dabble.com.au/hc/en-au/articles/360003052675-Dabble-Rules-Overview