5kg Added To Vow And Declare’s 2020 Melbourne Cup Defence

Tue 8th September 2020

Danny O’Brien’s Vow And Declare must carry an additional 5kg in the 2020 Melbourne Cup after his thrilling victory in last year’s edition.

The talented stayer carried 52kg last year, and has received 57kg this time around as Racing Victoria’s Chief Handicapper Greg Carpenter announced the weights for the 2020 Melbourne Cup on Tuesday.

Aidan O’Brien provided the top weight for the fourth time in five years, with 2019 Epsom Derby winner Anthony Van Dyck allocated 58.5kg, ahead of a trio of horses on 57kg, including Avilius, Sovereign, and Vow And Declare.

Prominent early market interests Russian Camelot and Master Of Wine have both been allocated 53.5kg, with Verry Elleegant receiving 55kg, and favourite Surprise Baby to carry 54.5kg.

Carpenter noted that Verry Elleegant has certainly been set a task with her allocated weight, and gave punters some further detail into Vow And Declare’s weight rise.

Watch: Vow And Declare’s thrilling win in the 2019 Melbourne Cup.

“There’s a challenge been set for talented local mare Verry Elleegant also, who has 55kg in both Cups. Makybe Diva is the only mare to carry more than 55kg to victory in the Melbourne Cup having done so in 2004 (55.5kg) and 2005 (58kg), the latter being the last time a mare has placed in our most famous race.

“There is always great interest in what weight is given to the defending Melbourne Cup champion and this year that is Vow And Declare who rises to 57kg having won the race with 52kg last year for Australia with Craig Williams in the saddle for Danny O’Brien.

“The five kilogram increase for Vow And Declare represents a 1.5kg increase in his weight-for-age benchmark moving to five years of age and a 3.5kg penalty for his 2019 win. That’s the same penalty that was afforded to Cross Counter, Prince of Penzance, Green Moon, Dunaden and Americain for their title defences over the past decade.”

Find the full list of weights for the 2020 Melbourne Cup below.

1ANTHONY VAN DYCK (IRE)H5Aidan O'Brien158.5kg1
2AVILIUS (GB)G7James Cummings257kg2.5
3SOVEREIGN (IRE)H5Aidan O'Brien357kg2.5
4VOW AND DECLAREG5Danny O'Brien457kg2.5
5MASTER OF REALITY (IRE)G6Joseph O'Brien556kg3.5
6TELECASTER (GB)H5Hughie Morrison656kg3.5
7REGAL POWERG5Grant & Alana Williams755.5kg4
8SIR DRAGONET (IRE)H5Ciaron Maher & David Eustace855.5kg4
9TWILIGHT PAYMENT (IRE)G8Joseph O'Brien955.5kg4
10BUCKHURST (IRE)H5Joseph O'Brien1055kg4.5
11MIRAGE DANCER (GB)H7Trent Busuttin & Natalie Young1155kg4.5
12MUSTAJEER (GB)G8Kris Lees1255kg4.5
13STRATUM (GB)G8William Mullins1355kg4.5
14VERRY ELLEEGANT (NZ)M5Chris Waller1455kg3
15DASHING WILLOUGHBY (GB)G5Andrew Balding1554.5kg5
16FINCHE (GB)G7Chris Waller1654.5kg5
17NANCHO (GER)G6Anthony Cummings1754.5kg5
18PRINCE OF ARRAN (GB)G8Charlie Fellowes1854.5kg5
19SURPRISE BABY (NZ)G6Paul Preusker1954.5kg5
20YOUNG RASCAL (FR)G6Archie Alexander2054.5kg5
21CAPE OF GOOD HOPE (IRE)H5Tom Dabernig & Ben Hayes2154kg5.5
22MR QUICKIEG5Phillip Stokes2254kg5.5
23PATRICK SARSFIELD (FR)H5Joseph O'Brien2354kg5.5
24RED VERDON (USA)G8Ed Dunlop2454kg5.5
25CONSTANTINOPLE (IRE)G5Tom Dabernig & Ben Hayes2553.5kg6
26DANCETERIA (FR)G6Kris Lees2653.5kg6
27LEVENDIH6Peter Gelagotis2753.5kg6
28MASTER OF WINE (GER)G6Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes2853.5kg6
29MUGATOO (IRE)G6Kris Lees2953.5kg6
30NICKAJACK CAVE (IRE)G5Peter G Moody3053.5kg6
31RAHEEN HOUSE (IRE)G7Kris Lees3153.5kg6
32EAGLES BY DAY (IRE)H5David O'Meara3253.5kg6
33KING OF LEOGRANCE (FR)G6Danny O'Brien3353.5kg6
34QUICK THINKERH4Murray Baker & Andrew Forsman3453.5kg4.5
35RUSSIAN CAMELOT (IRE)H4Danny O'Brien3553.5kg3
36SAN HUBERTO (IRE)H5Fabrice Chappet3653.5kg6
37SANTIAGO (IRE)H4Aidan O'Brien3753.5kg3
38THE CHOSEN ONE (NZ)H5Murray Baker & Andrew Forsman3853.5kg6
39ANGEL OF TRUTHG5Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes3953kg6.5
40ARCADIA QUEENM5Grant & Alana Williams4053kg5
41ASHRUN (FR)H5Andreas Wohler4153kg6.5
42PLATINUM INVADOR (NZ)G5Peter G Moody4253kg6.5
43WARNINGG4Anthony & Sam Freedman4353kg5
44DR DRILL (GB)G6Ciaron Maher & David Eustace4452.5kg7
45ETAH JAMES (NZ)M8Ciaron Maher & David Eustace4552.5kg5.5
46HUSH WRITER (JPN)G6Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott4652.5kg7
47LE DON DE VIE (GB)G5Hughie Morrison4752.5kg7
48PORT GUILLAUME (FR)H4Jean-Claude Rouget4852.5kg4
49SKYWARD (FR)H5Fabrice Chappet4952.5kg7
50STEEL PRINCE (IRE)G7Anthony & Sam Freedman5052.5kg7
51AZURO (FR)G7Ciaron Maher & David Eustace5152kg7.5
52BRIMHAM ROCKS (GB)G7Chris Waller5252kg7.5
53CARIFH5Peter & Paul Snowden5352kg7.5
54COLETTEM4James Cummings5452kg4.5
55HAKY (IRE)G7Archie Alexander5552kg7.5
56MISS SISKAM7Matthew Smith5652kg6
57SHARED AMBITION (IRE)G5Chris Waller5752kg7.5
58SOUND (GER)H8Michael Moroney5852kg7.5
59TRUE SELF (IRE)M8William Mullins5952kg6
60WEEKENDER (GB)G7Mark Newnham6052kg7.5
61ZEBROWSKI (NZ)G4Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes6152kg6
62FURRION (GB)G6Tom Dabernig & Ben Hayes6251.5kg8
63MAHAMEDEISG6Nick Ryan6351.5kg8
64MISS SENTIMENTAL (NZ)M5Chris Waller6451.5kg6.5
65OCEANEX (NZ)M5Mick Price & Michael Kent (Jnr)6551.5kg6.5
66PRINCESS JENNI (NZ)M5David Brideoake6651.5kg6.5
67AKTAU (GB)G5Michael Moroney6751kg8.5
68AL GALAYEL (IRE)G7Ciaron Maher & David Eustace6851kg8.5
69BIG DUKE (IRE)G9Kris Lees6951kg8.5
70DJANGO FREEMAN (GER)H5Robert Hickmott7051kg8.5
71GALLIC CHIEFTAIN (FR)H8Archie Alexander7151kg8.5
72HARBOUR VIEWS (FR)G6Matthew Williams7251kg8.5
73INVERLOCH (IRE)G7Trent Busuttin & Natalie Young7351kg8.5
74MIAMI BOUND (NZ)M4Danny O'Brien7451kg5.5
75NONCONFORMISTG4Grahame Begg7551kg7
76PONDUS (GB)G5Joseph O'Brien7651kg8.5
77SIR CHARLES ROADG7Lance O'Sullivan & Andrew Scott7751kg8.5
78SUPER TITUS (GB)G7Tom Dabernig & Ben Hayes7851kg8.5
79TOFFEE TONGUE (NZ)M4Chris Waller7951kg5.5
80WOLFE (JPN)G6Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott8051kg8.5
81CHAPADAG5Michael Moroney8150.5kg9
82CREEDENCEG6Matt Cumani8250.5kg9
83GREY LION (IRE)G9Matthew Smith8350.5kg9
84LORD BELVEDERE (GB)G7Ciaron Maher & David Eustace8450.5kg9
85NORWAY (IRE)G5Chris Waller8550.5kg9
86PATHS OF GLORY (GB)G6Richard & Michael Freedman8650.5kg9
87SCHABAU (GER)H6Robert Hickmott8750.5kg9
88SWEET THOMAS (GER)G9Matthew Smith8850.5kg9
89VIN DE DANCE (NZ)G6Symon Wilde8950.5kg9
90ADMIRE ROBSON (JPN)H7Paul Preusker9050kg9.5
91ADMIRE WINNER (JPN)G7Paul Preusker9150kg9.5
92ALIFEROUSM5Kris Lees9250kg8.5
93ALMANIA (IRE)G5Kris Lees9350kg9.5
94AMERICAN WHISKEY (USA)H4Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes9450kg9.5
95ATTENTION RUN (GER)M6Kris Lees9550kg9.5
96ATTORNEY (FR)G6Matthew Smith9650kg9.5
97BARADE (FR)G6Archie Alexander9750kg9.5
98BARTHOLOMEU DIAS (GB)G6Ciaron Maher & David Eustace9850kg9.5
99BENITOITEM5Clinton McDonald9950kg9.5
100BOLLEVILLE (IRE)M5Joseph O'Brien10050kg8.5
101CADRE DU NOIR (USA)H5Ciaron Maher & David Eustace10150kg9.5
102COLLIDE (GB)H6Kris Lees10250kg9.5
103CORMORANT (IRE)H4Aidan O'Brien10350kg9
104CRACK ON CRACK ON (GB)G6Gary & John Moore10450kg9.5
105DADOOZDART (GB)G5Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes10550kg9.5
106DAWN PATROL (IRE)H4Aidan O'Brien10650kg9
107DEGRAVES (IRE)H4Joseph O'Brien10750kg9.5
108DELPHI (IRE)H4Anthony & Sam Freedman10850kg7.5
109DJUKON (GB)G5Chris Waller10950kg9.5
110DON’T DOUBT DORYG4Julien Welsh11050kg9.5
111ENGLISH KING (FR)H4Ed Walker11150kg9
112ENTENTEG4Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott11250kg9
113EXEMPLAR (IRE)G7Ciaron Maher & David Eustace11350kg9.5
114FEEL THE RUSH (NZ)M4Ciaron Maher & David Eustace11450kg9.5
115FLASH AAHG5Mitchell Fry11550kg9.5
116FRANKELY AWESOMEM5Kris Lees11650kg8.5
117FUN FACTG5Bjorn Baker11750kg9.5
118FUTURE SCORE (IRE)G6Matt Cumani11850kg9.5
119GAME KEEPERG4Tony & Calvin McEvoy11950kg9
120GLORY DAYS (NZ)M8Bill Thurlow12050kg8.5
121GOOD IDEAG6Phillip Stokes12150kg9.5
122GRAND PROMENADE (GB)G5Ciaron Maher & David Eustace12250kg9.5
123HIGH EMOCEAN (NZ)M4Ciaron Maher & David Eustace12350kg9.5
124IMPACTFULG4Chris Waller12450kg9.5
125IN GOOD HEALTHM5Peter G Moody12550kg8
126INVOLVED (GB)G6Ciaron Maher & David Eustace12650kg9.5
127JACK REGAN (GB)G6Trent Busuttin & Natalie Young12750kg9.5
128JUST THINKIN’G4Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott12850kg9.5
129KINANE (NZ)G4Chris Waller12950kg8.5
130KORCHO (GB)H5Kris Lees13050kg9.5
131LATIN BEAT (IRE)G7Saab Hasan13150kg9.5
132LOOK SHARPISH (NZ)M4Leon & Troy Corstens13250kg9.5
133MASAFF (IRE)G5Chris Waller13350kg9.5
134MIDTERM (GB)G8Michael & Luke Cerchi13450kg9.5
135MILESTONE (FR)H5Trent Busuttin & Natalie Young13550kg9.5
136MIRIMAR (IRE)G7Michael Moroney13650kg9.5
137MIYAKEH4Chris Waller13750kg9.5
138MYTHICAL (FR)H4Aidan O'Brien13850kg9.5
139NAVAL WARFARE (IRE)G7Anthony & Sam Freedman13950kg9.5
140NIMALEEM4Matthew Smith14050kg9.5
141NOBEL PRIZE (IRE)H4Aidan O'Brien14150kg9.5
142NORTHWEST PASSAGEG7Ciaron Maher & David Eustace14250kg9.5
143ORDER OF AUSTRALIA (IRE)H4Aidan O'Brien14350kg9.5
144ORDEROFTHEGARTER (IRE)H7Danny O'Brien14450kg9.5
145OUT OF THE PARK (NZ)M6Henry Dwyer14550kg9.5
146PELONOMENAM6Michael Kent14650kg9.5
147PERSANH4Ciaron Maher & David Eustace14750kg9.5
148REALM OF FLOWERSM4Anthony & Sam Freedman14850kg9.5
149RIDER IN THE SNOW (FR)G6Kris Lees14950kg9.5
150RONDINELLA (NZ)M6John O'Shea15050kg8
151ROYAL CROWNG4Michael Kent15150kg9
152SARACEN KNIGHT (IRE)G6Danny O'Brien15250kg9.5
153SAUNTER BOY (FR)G8Ciaron Maher & David Eustace15350kg9.5
154SAVVY LAD (NZ)G4Trent Busuttin & Natalie Young15450kg9.5
155SELINO (GB)G5James Fanshawe15550kg9.5
156SHE’S IDEELM5Bjorn Baker15650kg9.5
157SIERRA SUE (NZ)M4Trent Busuttin & Natalie Young15750kg9.5
158SIN TO WIN (NZ)G8Tom Dabernig & Ben Hayes15850kg9.5
159SKELMG6Terry Kelly15950kg9.5
160SOUND OF CANNONS (GB)H4John O'Shea16050kg9.5
161SOUTH PACIFIC (GB)H5Ciaron Maher & David Eustace16150kg9.5
162SUPER GIRLM6Josh Julius16250kg9.5
163TAVIRUN (NZ)G5Trent Busuttin & Natalie Young16350kg9.5
164THE KING (IRE)G6Lindsey Smith16450kg9.5
165THINK IT OVERG5Kerry Parker16550kg9.5
166TIGER MOTH (IRE)H4Aidan O'Brien16650kg7.5
167TINANDALI (IRE)G5Ciaron Maher & David Eustace16750kg9.5
168TORRENSH4Ethan Ensby16850kg9.5
169VOYAGE DE LUNEG4Saab Hasan16950kg9.5
170WALL OF FIRE (IRE)G8Ciaron Maher & David Eustace17050kg9.5
171WYCLIF (GB)H4Danny O'Brien17150kg9.5
172YONKERS (USA)G5Chris Waller17250kg9.5
173ZACADA (NZ)G8Jim & Greg Lee17350kg9.5
174ZAMOSA (NZ)M5Mitchell Fry17450kg9.5
175ALCYONEC3James Cummings17549kg9.5

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